FX CFD Swap Example

If FX CFD position is held overnight in account (at 17:00 EST) it will be subjected to Swaps or rollover. Swaps or rollover can be cost or earning depends on the currency pair and long/short position. If bought currency of pair is higher interest yielding currency then position receives swaps. If bought currency of pair is lower interest yielding then position pays swaps.

CGSI CFD receives swap points from its liquidity providers and applies to account positions. Swap examples in table below are for illustration purpose only. Swaps rate changes every day to adjust for interest rate differential between 2 currencies.

Currency Pair Position held at 1700H EST Long Swap rate Short Swap rate Swap received or paid
AUDUSD Long 100,000 0.40 pips -0.86 pips 100,000 * 0.00004
Receives USD 4
EURGBP Long 100,000 -0.27 pips 0.153 pips 100,000 * 0.000027
Pays GBP 2.70
USDJPY Short 100,000 17 pips -39.1 pips 100,000 * 0.00391
Pays JPY 391
USDSGD* Short 100,000 -0.59 pips -0.32 pips 100,000 * 0.000032
Pays SGD 3.20
CHFJPY Short 100,000 -39.1 pips 11.9 pips 100,000 * 0.00119
Receives JPY 119

* In the event of small interest rate differential between 2 currencies, swaps may result in negative for both long and short positions.