CFD Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits

1. Flexibility to Short
One of the main appeals of CFD trading is that you can short sell without owning the underlying stock. When you invest in a stock via a CFD on the CGSI CFD Trading System, you can open a short position on the spot at the real-time tradable price by selling with the aim of profiting from the falling stock price.

2. Leverage
CFDs are traded on margin, using leverage to maximise your trading capital. This means for a small outlay you can open larger positions in the market compared to that of traditional stock trading.

3. No Expiry Date of Contracts
Gives you the freedom to roll over your open positions on a daily basis until you choose to close the position*.

4. Transparent Pricing
Our Direct Market Access system gives you the same transparent pricing and liquidity as stock trading.

5. Ease of Trading
There is more than one mode of trading CFDs - through broker or online. The online system for CFD trading includes features like good-for-the-day orders, real-time portfolio and daily account management.

6. Corporate Action
As an owner of an Equity CFD you will have your account adjusted to reflect cash dividends credited or debited on the underlying stock and to participate in stock splits, just as you would if you owned the physical stock. The only difference is that with a CFD you are not entitled to any voting rights.

*Please refer to Terms and Conditions Applicable to Contracts for Difference for full details.